Perfect summertime, poolside face masks!

Made out of water resilient, reusable fabric. Great for throwing on after jumping in the water to walk around in public places. 

Here are some facts about our masks:

1. These masks are made with 2 layers of recycled, polyurethane and nylon, water resilient fabric (same material as your bathing suits!)

2. Each mask is reusable and must be washed thoroughly in hot water after each use. We recommend using our Hubbell Bubble Wash.

3. These masks are made locally in Portland, Oregon by our small, family owned business:)

4. These masks should be worn in public areas to prevent the spread of germs and prevent touching the face. These masks should NOT be worn by individuals working with confirmed COVID-19 patients.

 5. These masks are NOT CERTIFIED. These are only preventative masks to be worn in public areas.

Thank you for all of your love & support! Stay safe!