Try The Gidget top in a unique pattern like this Rustic Floral! Have a one of a kind suit - feel sophisticated, comfortable, and sexy in this style. 


The Gidget top is designed to fit like your favorite sports bra but has a little extra touch to it with the scrunch in the front. This top provides great comfort and support, while also being super stylish. The Gidget top is very similar to the Cora top. The only difference between the two is that the Gidget has a scrunch in the front and a smaller band around the bottom. The Gidget top is a fabulous option but is not limited to, active or fuller chested women. This top crosses in the back, eliminating any discomfort to the back of the neck. The Gidget top accommodates a wide variety of body types and chest sizes.



Woodland Forest GIDGET Top

  • If you are not sure which size will fit your body type best, contact a Bikini Hut Girl through this website or email us at for assistance!